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ABOUT the DATA ARCHIVE : Nov 22, 2014 .. We have records of 103,014 U.S. Armed Services soldiers and combatants who died and have been buried or memorialized on foreign soil. Officers as well as enlisted men, foreign scouts and nationals, etc. As a base resource for the American Battle Graves Archive we have relied on resources available through U.S. government archives and other public resources. Please note that our data is extensive but by no means complete or comprehensive.
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SITE NAVIGATION TIPS - Use the alphabetic menu below to browse by first letter of last name, or enter a search for first and/or last name. If you can't locate the name you're looking for, try searching by partial name (EG first few letters of last name). - Please note that we do not have all records available. Some information might have been corrupted or lost over time and stages of data conversion.
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